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The User

User Personas

Validating our Assumptions

  • 72% of new hires surveyed felt disconnected from their team and did not feel comfortable reaching out to anyone with questions
  • 27% of new hire surveyed struggled to understand their deliverables
  • New hires primarily felt overwhelmed by training manuals and videos within the early stages of onboarding
  • Most new hires felt unclear on whether they were “doing the right thing” and “speaking with the right people”
  • New hires whose managers took the time and effort to conduct social events with the team mentioned no issues with the onboarding process
  • Hiring managers reported they did not think there was a difference in the standard onboarding procedure when onboarding and integrating new hires remotely
  • Hiring managers listed keeping track of all the onboarding items they are responsible for as another key problem area

User Requirements

  1. I need to know who my teammates are and connect with them easily, to foster a sense of belonging at my job
  2. In the early stages of my job, I need to obtain regular feedback to understand my performance
  3. I need a clear sense of what training and onboarding tasks are required by me along with the completion deadline, to avoid being overwhelmed by an information overload
  1. I need to understand how to connect new hire employees and the team in a remote setting
  2. I need a channel to obtain and provide regular feedback at a higher frequency during the onboarding phase and when working remotely to gauge new hire’s early progress
  3. I need to keep track of all orientation items to complete during the onboarding process of the new employee, to ensure timely completion of virtual onboarding items


Solution Design

  1. Enabling & encouraging new hires to connect with various team mates (this would be the first page they land on); enabling & encouraging hiring managers to facilitate new hire integration into their remote team
  2. Easy, timely feedback process and log between new hire & hiring manager
  3. Simplified list of onboarding tasks & resources so both sides can focus on just as much as they need to get done for that point in the new hire’s journey
Screens for New Hire
Screens for Hiring Manager

Metrics for Success

  • Qualitative Feedback — Is the product addressing their pain points? what are features they like vs dislike? What can we improve? Surveying users on qualitative feedback could provide useful direciton in identifing what to focus on for the second iteration
  • Customer Engagement — measure use of specific features within the application, to understand what works well for the user and what does not. This could provide very useful direction in identifying what to focus on to improve the solution offering
  • First Conversions — how did the first companies choose our product & the types of companies, their location and further demographic information.

Competitive Analysis

  • ‘Team Socials’ feature that allows users to take part in social and wellbeing activities and meet other coworkers
  • Unique features such as a closed-loop feedback exchange between hiring manager and new hire
  • Tracking new hire progress while holding employee and manager accountable with regular check ins

Next Steps

  1. Integrate the CoConnect platform with existing connectivity tools such as Zoom/Slack/MS Teams, as well as existing HR Portals to enable easy access to employee databases and onboarding information.
  2. Include simple reminders/notifications for both user personae to help keep them on track during this critical period in their journey
  3. Incorporate a reward system to motivate new hires to attend more social events to engage with the employee community.




Product, Data & Tech enthusiast || Product Manager — E-commerce

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Akshayaa Govindan

Akshayaa Govindan

Product, Data & Tech enthusiast || Product Manager — E-commerce

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