What are they and why are they important

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We live in a world where technology reigns and data presides at every corner. As users of many different products, we’re no longer looking for the best product to get the job done, we’re now looking for the product that gets the job done AND works seamlessly with all other products we use. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to understand tools that simplify workflows and integrate components to provide a seamless user experience for our customers. Since data has become abundant, innovative teams have grown exponentially better at forming these links and connections to simplify workflows via PIs.

What is an API?


A quick intro to the open banking paradigm and a look into how this can help optimize customer experience with their financial products

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What if I told you there was a problem with the way banking works in today’s world? Especially around the breakdown in information flow that occurs between our bank and all other organizations who need information from our banks. We are expected to provide so many other trusted financial service providers & merchants with information from our banking products, yet we have to act as the middle man for almost all of these requests. …

This is a case study I co-wrote along with my team mates Amish Servansing, Kishi Zhou & Neelam Mohole as a submission for the Product Buds Project Jam Protothon prompt (The New Normal). I cannot stress enough that none of this could have been possible without the hard work & dedication from my team mates.

CoConect Screenflows


Working remotely for 60–80% of the workforce has become the “New Normal’’ overnight due to the global pandemic. This has forced employers to reconsider their traditional hiring practices and employees have to find new ways to navigate and connect in a remote workspace. …

Actionable areas of improvement to effectively WFH as a PM

Over the last year, we have all had to adapt to working from home and depending on the type of work you do, that could have been really easy or brought up some new challenges you had to get used to. A large part of my role as a product manager revolves around communication — with my team, my stakeholders, my management. I know my job can be done remote but adapting to doing it in this manner had its challenges initially. It’s not just about doing your job remotely but being able to do so effectively without a loss…

I now know why many call Marty Cagan’s masterpiece the Product Management Bible. In my opinion, it’s a great book for anyone who has an idea and wants to understand an effective way to bring it to fruition.

I bought my copy after it came up in almost every virtual coffee chat I had and every “Must Read” list for PMs. …

I’m Akshayaa — a Product Manager @ Scotiabank.

I aspire to one day lead my own product division and maybe even a business venture of my own. My goal as a PM is to understand user/business problems and work alongside a diverse group of individuals to deliver meaningful digital solutions that enhance the user experience. I’m passionate about technology, people & problems, especially a combination of the three!

But let’s get back to right now…

As PMs we know well to get feedback our product’s performance and iterate to get to the best version of it. Now, why not do…

Akshayaa Govindan

Product, Data & Tech enthusiast || Product Manager — Fintech

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